discreetesthete (discreetesthete) wrote,

and i walked out with only 1 red mitten

right now on my desk there is a cup of coffee on one side and a cup of some old, vauguely alchoholic substance on the other. I feel like Alice.

tentative schedule :

8 am- class
9:10- continue studying french
drink more coffee
11- ace french test and forever win the heart of kindly french teacher
12:10- drink more coffee and write easy, triflin' one page essay on Aenead [oh wait, i already did ......in my sleep!]
2- heroic epic. explain to TA why absence at last section was unavoidable due to extreme malaise. after no sleep and many cups of coffee looking convincingly terible should pose no challenge.
3:10- drink more coffee and..... go running? is that possible?
4:30- clean house [coffee!]
5:30- asseble various elements of appearence, and get fooooooood with brian.
7- buy alcohol for parrrtayyy [???]
8- re-assemble self so as not to scare guests away
9-9:30- sing/tell dan happy birthday
10- sink gratefully into bottle.

"Let it always end this way
Let me lie now where I'm lying
I can't stand, it's no use trying"

class time. where the fuck is laura.
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